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Leichhardt General Maintenance Electrical Services

Let our Leichhardt general maintenance electrical service take care of your home or business. We inspect your overall electrical system include parts such as power supply, fuse, switches, breakers, wires, electrical lines, cables or connections, networks, circuitry, appliances including portable and mobile units, and other elements. We examine everything diagramed in your buildings electrical structure. We will conduct testing and fault finding tasks and will assess the status of each electrical element involved. We will record whether each element is still functional or may need repair, replacement, rewire, or upgrade. We can even perform these tasks upon the electrical elements right away or will create a documented proposal to have it done.

We also perform general maintenance electrical services to evaluate your building’s overall standard and status when it comes to safety, security, shock, and energy efficiency. We inspect and assess various equipments in relation to these needs. Such equipments include security systems, alarms, CCTV, fire or shock prevention, electrical grounding, wiring, surge protection, backup power, and other elements. We also replace lighting and recommend specific units to be replaced or upgraded such as HVAC, portable appliance, etc. for energy efficiency.

The whole process can be performed when you believe it is time to do so. But we recommend that general maintenance electrical services should be performed regularly. The duration will be dependent on a few factors including the age of the building, wiring, and appliances as well as the frequency of usage. Naturally, older buildings may require more frequent inspection compared to newer buildings. Even wirings and appliances are normally newer with new buildings in contrast to older buildings which usually feature older wires and electrical equipments.

In commercial establishments or even homes, specific devices are more regularly used such as computers for office for administrative tasks, cooking appliance for food shops, production machineries for certain industries, and so on. Wirings and electrical connections associated with such equipments must be maintained more often than other devices found in the same shop or business office. As for duration of checking, it can vary from annual, bi-annual, quarterly, and monthly. Let us examine your building and we can make recommendations when it comes to the regularity of maintenance service which needs to be done.

As to why there is a need to perform general maintenance electrical service, the answer is simple. It helps extend the life span of appliance and electrical elements, therefore, reducing the possible need for rectifications and their associated cost. It also helps improve the quality of service provided by such equipments. For example, well maintained cooling units can perform better. These even consume lesser power, thus, lowering your monthly electric bills.

There are also instances where poorly functioning units may endanger individuals due to electrocution and other accidents. A majority of fires and other accidents also happens when issues with electrical units are not attended.

So let our Leichhardt general maintenance electrical service ensure everyone’s safety and security. We also offer energy efficient solutions to help your home or business save on power consumption and electrical utility bills.

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