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Leichhardt Commercial Electrical Services

Leichhardt is dubbed as Sydney’s “Little Italy” due to the presence of Italian inspired commercial establishments in the area including a number of Italian restaurants and the shopping centre Italian Forum which resembles a Mediterranean piazza or city square. Other commercial establishments are mostly located on the North Street along Balmain Road and north of Parramatta Road. Establishments include restaurants, cafes, food shops, retail stores, bookstores, groceries, hotels, cinema, and shopping centres.

The Italian Forum, one of the shopping centres features restaurants, a courtyard, the Leichhardt library, shops, and boutiques overlooking apartments. Another shopping centre is located near Norton Plaza which features eateries and shops. MarketPlace Leichhardt (previously called Market Town) is another shopping centre located on the corner of Marion and Flood Streets. MarketPlace Leichhardt features a free parking area and houses more than 60 stores including Woolworths, Aldi, Target, and more.

If you own or manage any of these commercial establishments in Leichhardt, there is one major necessity your business cannot be able to function without – electricity. This is needed for various tasks including production of goods, financial or administrative roles, and more. It powers lighting, HVAC, security devices, cooking appliances, computer networks, and all other devices utilized by your business. Without electricity or when it is interrupted due to outages or malfunctioning electrical elements, your business processes are interrupted, resulting to loss profits. Worse, electrical issues may cause damage to properties found on your shop or store and may even imperil your employees or customers due to electrocution or fire.

For these reasons, you need a dependable Leichhardt electrician service which can restore your business’ normal operations and keep everybody safe by fixing electrical problems. There’s no need for you to seek assistance from city based companies and pay a fortune. You can actually rely upon our local commercial electrician service for your business’ needs. We are a local electrical company with world class skills ready to serve you right away. Our phone line is open 24/7 and we will answer your calls immediately. Being located nearby, we can reach your location faster than any other company can.

We offer various electrical services for your business. We install, repair, replace, troubleshoot, upgrade, and rewire the following: commercial building build out or development, ballast, signs, lighting, LED, neon, meter, meter can, breaker panels, receptacles, switches, sockets, fuse, wiring, aluminum wire, hand dryer, parking lot, electrical system outdoors, landscape design, security system, CCTV, fire alarm, code violation, electrical grounding, power backup system, surge protection, HVAC, major appliance, portable appliance, computer networks and circuitry, computer rooms and data centers, media rooms, communications, POS, management systems, medical systems, pump stations, and so much more.

We also provide periodic or as needed general maintenance or inspection services, upgrades, certification for fire, shock, or natural disasters, and 24/7 emergency services. We offer our services for various types of commercial establishments and buildings. We charge per job and not per hour and collect fees based on an upfront cost. Fees don’t change no matter how long a job is completed.

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