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Leichhardt is relatively far from Sydney’s central business district at 22 kilometres away. Thus, like any other distant suburb, Leichhardt features its own local commercial establishments. As for residential buildings, the architecture...


Whether you are in Leichhardt or any other suburb in Sydney, there comes a point when you will be in need of an electrician for your home or business. Such electrical problems at least don’t happen all the time…


Leichhardt boasts of popular homes with architectural designs that are notable, highly acclaimed, or has historical background. Some of such houses include the Rose Seidler House in Clissold Road…


Leichhardt is one of the farthest suburbs from the central business district of Sydney at 22 kilometres. Like other distant suburbs, Leichhardt has a mini-commercial area of its own. It features several shopping...

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Looking for an electrician near Leichhardt NSW?

Leichhardt is a Sydney suburb located 5 kilometers west of the central business district. The place features a mixture of both residential and commercial buildings. The whole area is best known as Sydney’s “Little Italy.” This is due to the presence of the Italian Forum, a shopping centre which attempts to resemble a piazza from a Mediterranean town.

Residential or commercial buildings in Leichhardt have one feature in common, and that is the presence of electricity or electrically powered appliances, devices, or equipments. Homes need electricity for lighting, cooking, heating, cooling, security, computer networks, phones, and to power various appliances. Businesses on the other hand require electricity for the production of goods or services, computer facilities, administrative or financial tasks, security, lighting, heating, cooling, providing consumer services, and more.

With the absence of electricity or when it is interrupted by issues such as malfunctioning devices, faulty wires, short circuits, burnt or blown fuse, and others, it makes homes less comfortable and disrupts normal business functions which lead to loss profits. For issues like these, both residential and commercial buildings need a Leichhardt company which can be able to restore electrical systems to their usual function.

Aside from simply restoring electrical systems, we propose energy efficient solutions to help your home or business save on power consumption and on electrical bills. We also offer other services including installation, repair or rectification, replacement, upgrade or improvement, general maintenance or inspection, and emergency services which are available 24/7. In fact, our phone number is open anytime you call, even during weekends and holidays. We will answer your call immediately and respond to your issues as quickly as possible. Since we are located nearby, you can expect us to be there in no time.

It doesn’t matter how simple or how complicated the job is, we offer our services for all your electrical needs. We can accommodate humble homes as well as large residential buildings. The same applies to commercial and industrial facilities. We accept jobs from small shops as well as from large commercial establishments. No matter how trivial or difficult the project or job is, we are still available to serve you. You can easily contact our friendly, courteous, and helpful staff over the phone or in person.

We are a local electrical company which offers services to homes and businesses in this suburb as well as areas nearby. We employ highly competent electricians who are skilled in this profession. They also undergo continuous training to improve their skills and be always updated with the latest on electrical service. Everyone also practices with accompanying certificates, licenses, registrations, and insurance.

Our services are available through a fixed rate. We will quote a free estimate of how much a job or project costs and will only charge you the amount we both have settled upon. The upfront cost doesn’t change even if the work hours are extended or becomes more challenging to handle. You still pay the same amount. Thus, there are no unexpected fees or hidden charges.

Attention all Hardness, Don’t Call Another Electrician Until You Read This

So, Mark from Leichhardt gave us a call yesterday. He had no power, this was a major issue for him, because he works from home and he obviously needs his computer to do his work. He tried three other electricians, before he got to us, Leichhardtelectrician.com.au. He told me his problem. I did my best to help him as fast as possible. So, what I did is I run around a few of my other jobs that were not urgent. And found someone that was easy for them to re-schedule to do a little bit later. So I called Mark back and I was able to get to his place in two hours. I came out, we found safety switches were tripping. Did a test load, load test, load test, put my insulation resistor tester unto it and found that the actual circuit and all of his power circuits were fine and it was simply the faulty ACD, faulty safety switch. This was a really quick fix for him and for me, I even put two safety switches on instead of one, so if this ever happens again. He will only use power to back this house, not the whole house like the way it was wired before. So, Marc, from Leichhardt who needed an emergency electrician was really happy with Leichhardt Electricians service. And he said he will recommend us to his friends because he saw us very efficient.

So if you have any electrical problems and you need urgent service, please call the number at the top of this page and we will be happy to come and help you.

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